Myers-Briggs INFJ


Audun (Audi) Taraldsen's Myers-Briggs Personality Assessment

INFJs have a gift for intuitively understanding complex meanings and human relationships. They are conscientious, committed to their firm values, and quietly forceful. They develop a clear vision about how best to serve humanity and are likely to be organized and decisive in implementing their vision. They value home, family, health, friendships, spirituality, and learning.

INFJ Descriptors:
• Creative
• Insightful
• Abstract
• Visionary
• Idealistic
• Complex
• Sensitive
• Caring
• Compassionate
• Empathetic
• Organized
• Hard driving
• Decisive
• Individualistic
• Mysterious
• Reserved
• Deep
• Private
• Intense
• Persistent

Characteristics of INFJs:
• INFJs are driven to implement their vision, often sacrificing personal comfort.
• They want to understand what motivates people and are insightful about others.
• They have little interest in details, people, or work that is not relevant to their vision.
• INFJs base their decisions and actions on their strong personal values.
• They always see possibilities for how to help others develop.

INFJs with others
• INFJs have great insight into what is most important to others.
• They empathically understand the feelings and motivations of others.
• They may share their internal intuitions only with those they trust.
• They are loyal to people and institutions that share their values.
• INFJs are committed to growth and development for themselves and significant others.
• They readily show compassion and caring for others.
• They value authenticity and commitment in relationships.

INFJs at work:
• INFJs’ preference for Intuition, powered by their preference for Feeling, may be of immense value in any field.
• They can be persistent and insistent about communicating their vision.
• INFJs can be great leaders when they devote themselves to carrying out a sound inspiration, attracting followers with their enthusiasm and faith.
• Because the possibilities that interest them most concern people, they are often drawn to teaching, counseling, or the ministry. Their preference for Intuition provides insight into the deeper meanings of whatever subject interests them, and they get great satisfaction from aiding the development of individuals.
• When their interests lie in technical fields, INFJs may be outstanding in science or in research and development. Intuition suggests new approaches to problems and Feeling generates enthusiasm that sparks their energy.
• They may be reserved, but they don’t hesitate to assert themselves when their values are violated.
• They will be unhappy in any job that is not consistent with their personal values or that does not provide personal meaning.

Potential blind spots for INFJs:
• If INFJs have not developed their Intuition, they may not take in enough information or may take in only what fits with their inner vision. Then they will make poor decisions based on limited or distorted information.
• If their Intuition is not developed, they may become so focused on their goals that they fail to notice any information that might conflict with those goals.
• If their Feeling preference is undeveloped, they may not have reliable ways of making decisions about how to accomplish their goals. Then their valuable insights and creativity stay locked inside.
• Also, undeveloped Feeling may make it difficult for them to evaluate their inner vision and take in feedback from others.
• When INFJs try to communicate their inner vision, they may express it so metaphorically and with so much complexity that they may be misunderstood.

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  1. Hebergeur
    May 31, 2016 at 3:14 am ·

    I should also mention that yes long before Myers-Briggs, I came to realize my brain just doesn t entirely work like other people. Thankfully, I had family and found teachers and bosses that were happy to let me reach conclusions and learning via my own path or else I never would have made it!

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